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Age UK Croydon Home Services

Telephone: 020 8683 7120
Region: Local
Area serviced: Croydon
Telephone: 020 8654 7166
Region: Local

Fire Safety Checks London Fire Brigade

Telephone: For general enquiries: 020 8555 1200
Region: Greater London
Telephone: 01564 785 100
Region: National
Telephone: 020 8274 5940
Region: Local
Telephone: 020 8760 5483
Region: Local
Telephone: 0800 011 3846
Region: Local

Personal Safety Project - Falls Prevention

Telephone: 020 8683 7105
Region: Local
Area serviced: L B Croydon
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Advice on ways of keeping your house secure, by making sure doors and windows are locked,there is adequate lighting and making sure no valuable items are on show.There is also information on external companies who can install security devices such as alarms,better strength locks and security lights.